Training modules conception

We build tailor made training modules & contents, even in very specialized areas (pharma, biotech, finance & management...) 

Collaborative value

We manage collaborative value making by resorting to dedicated platforms and processes.


An integrated vision of service providing in communication, collaboration and intangible value creation.

Virtual teams and communities

We provide facilitation, moderation services and online support for virtual teams.

Monitoring services

As information specialists, we provide reports, data analyses and summaries from specialized web sources.

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In some extent, collaboration can boost innovation and productivity in virtual teams. We propose a method to assess this extent. A wide range of possibilities is now opened to multi-company teams and to teams which collaborators are scattered among many places. 

Collaboration is now a huge market which products range from free open sources solutions to very expensive ones.  


Our training module provides:

- an introduction to the web 2.0 culture;

- an introduction to virtual team management;  

- a model for virtual work, easy to implement;   

- a practical experience of collaboration 

The training process is divided into two parts:

- an intensive afternoon course;

- regular interactions through virtual platforms during approximately two weeks (a basic project management one and a wiki) between trainers and trainees.  

We believe that the understanding of what is at stake with virtual interactions is the epitome of the message we intend to deliver.  

The training is (temporarly) described in French.

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