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Collaboration 2.0

Today, groupware and virtual platforms enable teams to communicate, share information and resources regardless of their geographic location. In order to generate intellectual added value, gathering the right minds at the right time is fundamental. That's why collaboration is today more than a buzzword. It is the epitome of a lot of business models.  In some extents, collaboration consists in combining web hosted resources with many contributors' talents and skills.  

In life sciences and biotech, for example, much expertise is required to carry on projects. Most of the time, it is fragmented among many key contributors.    

Collaboration is not a goal in itself. First, the ownership of collaboration results has to be clearly established. Then sharp objectives must be set in order to insure it is fruitful and relevant. Three key contexts could be mentioned, justifying collaboration:

  • problem solving;
  • content creating and publishing;
  • project management.

Given the wide transformation brought by the emergence of networked intelligences, some key questions have to be answered. When is collaboration possible and when should it be ruled out? How should an organization balance online and face-to-face collaboration? How virtual spaces (blog, wikis, intranets...) should be managed?  

We help you to connect people, information sources, and processes. Moreover we propose to shape procedures and platforms to manage projects. Considering web 2.0 tools selection, our services are independent from any existing software offer. 

If you need:

  • shaping collaboration spaces and make them living;
  • facilitation services for collaborative platforms;
  • ongoing mentoring and support for collaborative processes involving highly specialized multi-disciplinary teams.,
  • skills dedicated to virtual organizations in life sciences (pharma & biotech).

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