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Initiatives aimed at leveraging on network intelligence and web 2.0 technologies rapid spread are two interrelated phenomena. The virtual collaboration does not substitute the real one. A complex link is indeed built between the "old" ways of collaboration and the "new" ones.

In a 2.0 world, the consulting function has to be reshaped in some extent. Our crux is that a consultant should be now:

  • a contents editor able to provide powerful and insightful messages with words, videos, or even with relevant information aggregation; 
  • a contributor able to bring added value to open or classified dedicated platforms;
  • an expert actively involved in think tanks, major events and debates related to its areas of specialization.

Our offer follows from this vision of consulting.

 Our services

We believe web 2.0 is a major turning point considering socialization in collaborative added value building processes.

As consultants, we provide:

  • help to choose and to implement collaborative tools (project management platforms, networking platforms, collaborative workspaces, weblogs...);
  • support for collaborative platforms shaping when modular solutions are considered;
  • coaching for managers of virtuals teams who have to deliver major messages through collaborative platforms and, above all, make them living;
  • contents editing plans for collaborative spaces;
  • communication strategies in enterprise 2.0 environments.