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Memedge Consulting

Memedge Consulting is a young company providing services in web communication, collaboration and business intelligence.

"Memedge" is the contraction of "meme" and "edge".

A meme is a basic cultural unit capable of replicating for brain to brain. The term has initially been coined by Richard Dawkins (in The Selfish gene) to name the basic unit of evolution. A meme is a gene combined with a replicator. Whatever scientific controversies may have been sparked by The Selfish gene, the "meme thinking" has echoed in communication. Sentences, images, concepts, thoughts, symbols have been assimilated to memes, the job of communications workers consisting in spreading them from brains to brains.

"Edge" is either a limit or a brink or an advantage. Every player tries to get an edge on the competition. 

 Our consulting offer

Memedge advocates a vision of both enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management which can be described as a content driven approach. Technology should be just an enabler and widen the range of existing possibilities.  

We provide specific methods to fully benefit from the connectivity revolution. It is materialized by a proliferation of wireless communication tools, not to mention the deep change brought in the way people intereract.

Data are not scarce any more. We are now overwhelmed with information. Gathering the right skills, minds, expertises at the right time is now at the source of intellectual added value. Networking is off course a necessity. But a growing number of links does not generate value per se. Organizations are facing two key questions:

- what turns a network to be creative?

- what does make it productive?  

Memedge Consulting provides:

- services and solution for web communication ;

- services for collaborative platforms (ongoing mentoring and support, contents and other contributions) ;

- strategic insights.  

Our versatile consultants can help you overcoming barriers between disciplines, organizational borders and departments.